Innovation & Quality Combined

Healthcare Print & Packaging is ISO9001:2015 & PS9000:2016 Accredited.

Medical packaging accreditatons

Our PS9000:2016 accreditation means that we are fully compliant with the standard’s procedures for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP).

GMP is an instrumental aspect of quality assurance, designed to ensure that all medicinal products are consistently produced with the sort of quality standards that are appropriate for their intended use. GDP, on the other hand, demands that we establish a system to ensure that all of our products are stored and transported in such a way that will maintain their quality and reduce the risks of tampering or fraud.

These strict regulations drive our every action, which means that you can expect nothing but the best from us at all times. Our considered approach will dramatically reduce the time required for regulatory approval, which makes us a most cost-effective solution.

We began our journey in Bio City the same building complex in which Dr Stewart Adams OBE discovered Ibuprofen in 1961. We take great pride in honouring his dedication to innovation, quality and integrity.