Pharmaceutical Packaging Design

Pharmaceutical packaging design is heavily regulated, and with good reason. Even the simplest of errors can have potentially life threatening consequences for patients, causing devastating damage to a company’s reputation and integrity.

It is estimated that poor packaging design is one of the biggest causes of the sort of product recalls that grossly inflate manufacturing lead-times and production costs. It is for this reason that all companies in this sector should rely on the expertise of trained pharmaceutical design specialists.

Common packaging design errors include the omission of key information and ambiguous use of symbols. Also common are more technical errors, including incorrect batch and expiry details. Our strict adherence to stringent PS9000 Quality Management System helps us to avoid these common mistakes, which will greatly reduce the amount of time required for regulatory approval.

A comprehensive solution

Beyond avoiding costly errors and satisfying all applicable regulations, there are many other benefits to using Healthcare Print & Packaging for your packaging design needs.

We offer a complete and comprehensive “One Stop” solution. Our pharmaceutical packaging design service, includes cartons, leaflets and labels, plastic inserts and offline coding (links to be added to key services). We are able to work to tight deadlines without compromising quality. Our streamlined approach offers a co-ordinated solution, which will serve to greatly reduce your production costs and lead times.