Pharmaceutical Package Inserts

Pharmaceutical trays might not be as heavily regulated as the cartons, labels and leaflets, but they are just as vital a component of the overall package. They must be secure, clean, easy to pack, and effective at keeping your product safe and intact.

When it comes to pharmaceutical trays, a one-size-fits-all approach will not work. Pills, capsules, vials and ampoules come in a range of quantities and sizes, medical devices in particular may require their own plastic insert to be designed and made from scratch.

It is for this reason that companies in this sector must turn to specialist manufacturers when sourcing pharmaceutical package inserts. Unfortunately, the companies that specialise in plastic inserts rarely offer a comprehensive packaging service. This means that pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are often obliged to take a piecemeal approach to their packaging, sourcing multiple providers for the various required components.

A Complete Packaging Solution

At Healthcare Print and Packaging, we set out to provide a convenient and cost-effective integrated approach to the piecemeal alternative offered by many companies. Our complete solution will greatly reduce your manufacturing lead-times. On top of that, our total commitment to quality will serve to reduce the time required for regulatory approval. All of our processes are driven by our strict adherence to demanding PS9000 Quality Management System.

After helping you to specify your requirements, we can provide you with high quality package inserts for vials, ampoules, pills, capsules, syringes and medical devices. At the same time, we can help you with a comprehensive packaging design that will stand out in today’s crowded over-the-counter marketplace, as well as labels and labelling that adhere to all applicable regulations.