Pharmaceutical Cartons

Pharmaceutical cartons are heavily regulated, with devastating consequences for those who do not comply, yet huge benefits for those that do.

Non-compliance can greatly compromise the safety of patients, resulting in costly product recalls and serious reputational damages for companies of all sizes. With even the smallest of errors carrying potentially lethal consequences, it is vital that all companies in this sector rely on the services of trained and experienced professionals.

Use Healthcare Print and Packaging for your pharmaceutical cartons, and we will work with you to ensure that you comply with all regulations, We will also help you to ensure that if your products needs to stand out in an increasingly competitive over-the-counter marketplace. We can produce well-designed eye catching OTC cartons that can serve to drive sales and increase your profit margin.

Our areas of expertise

When it comes to ethical pharmaceutical cartons, we provide a comprehensive solution. As well as an appealing design that satisfies all regulations, we can also provide braille embossing, anti-counterfeit and security features, innovative cold seal wallet technology, and even integrated compartments for ampoules and vials.

Many companies in this sector will provide a limited service, effectively forcing you to shop around for multiple suppliers. We pride ourselves on providing a co-ordinated approach that solves your problem in its entirety.

In addition to producing pharmaceutical cartons, we can also help you with artwork and packaging design, labels and leaflets, plastic inserts and offline coding. Every service we provide is driven by our strict adherence to demanding PS9000 Quality Management System, and we are experienced in working to demanding deadlines.

Our streamlined, cost-effective approach serves to greatly reduce the manufacturing lead-times, whilst our commitment to quality reduces the time required for regulatory approval.