Pharmaceutical Packaging Artwork

Given the high-pressure and competitive nature of research and development in the healthcare industry, it is perhaps understandable that pharmaceutical artwork seems to come as an afterthought. However, there are invariably high prices to pay for companies of all sizes that do not dedicate sufficient time to developing high-quality pharmaceutical artwork.

It is estimated that poor pharmaceutical artwork is one of the single largest causes of costly product recalls in this sector. Common mistakes include the accidental omission of essential information, errors in context and meaning, incorrect use of symbols, and such technical errors as the wrong type of barcode.

Even the smallest of errors in pharmaceutical artwork can cause irreparable damage to a company’s reputation and integrity. For patients however, such errors can be life-threatening.

As these errors are often caused by poor communication and lack of competence, it is of vital importance that all companies in this sector use trained and experienced professionals when sourcing their pharmaceutical artwork.

An Intelligent Pharmaceutical Artwork Solution

Choose Healthcare Print & Packaging for all your pharmaceutical artwork needs and your project will be managed expertly. All of our practices are driven by our strict adherence to our demanding PS9000 Quality Management System, so you can expect nothing but the highest standards.

Our studio will produce high quality print ready pharmaceutical artwork, as well as mock ups for presentations and packs for regulatory submissions.

On top of this, we offer a complete and comprehensive packaging solution. In addition to pharmaceutical artwork, we can also help you with constructional design of cartons, leaflets and labels, plastic inserts and as well as offline coding.

Our cost-effective approach serves to streamline the process, greatly reducing the manufacturing lead-times. In addition, our commitment to quality ensures excellent results, which will reduce the time required for regulatory approval.