Offline Coding

Pharma batch coding is perhaps the most subtle, yet most vital, part of the overall packaging design process. This is an area that is governed by the very strictest of regulations, with harsh penalties for companies who do not comply.

Even the slightest of errors in pharma batch coding can have potentially life threatening consequences for patients. If careless errors get through the system companies can expect to pay for costly product recalls. At worst, they may suffer from devastating damages to their reputation and integrity.

The EU Falsified Medicines Directive requires that every pharmaceutical box, carton and packet features a 2D barcode, batch and expiry details, and a unique 15 digital serial number. The purpose of pharma batch coding is to protect doctors, patients and consumers through eliminating the risks of counterfeiting.

Counterfeit medicine is often ineffective and potentially lethal. All companies in this sector have a responsibility for protecting their patients and customers.

An Expert Approach

At Healthcare Print and Packaging, we pride ourselves on our deep knowledge and understanding of the EU Falsified Medical Directive. We are able to accurately batch and expiry code your cartons and labels, supplying them ready to pack.

As our every process is driven by our strict adherence to demanding PS9000 Quality Management System, our streamlined approach will not only cut down on your manufacturing lead-times, but also on the time required for regulatory approval.

As well as pharma batch coding, we can also help you with cartons, plastic inserts, leaflets and labelling, and a packaging design that will help your product to stand out in today’s crowded over-the-counter marketplace. Our comprehensive, cost-effective approach provides you with a complete solution, saving you the time-consuming hassle of sourcing multiple providers for your various pharmaceutical packaging needs.