Clinical Trial Packaging

The packaging required for clinical trials is every bit as tightly regulated as the packaging for other healthcare and pharmaceutical products. However, the sensitive, tightly controlled nature of clinical trials means that researchers and healthcare companies must take a whole different set of variables into consideration when designing the packaging for their trial drugs or devices.

One of the biggest obstacles to a successful clinical trial is patient compliance. Poor patient compliance can result in skewed data, which can drastically compromise the future development of a candidate drug.

We have special expertise in patient compliance, and how this might be improved and influenced by packaging design. We can help you to design a pack with the patient in mind, a technique that has been proven to improve compliance.

Improving Patient Compliance

Research by the Clinical Trial Industry estimates that packaging design accounts for a very small percentage of the cost of a clinical trial. Engineering in features to the packaging to enhance compliance can be critical given that poor patient compliance can jeopardise the success of a trial.

There are various methods of improving patient compliance through packaging. These include, but are not limited to, the size of the finished packaging, the ease with which patients can remove medication, clear labelling, and the use of calendar-type blister packs.

We are able to offer small batch quantity options, which means that we can provide an intelligent and cost-effective solution for clinical trials of all scales.

Use Healthcare Print and Packaging as your “One Stop Shop” for all clinical trials packaging. We can streamline your product through fulfilling all of your needs with one briefing meeting, one purchase order and one invoice.